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Wanted to let you know we are having a good harvest with your equipment again this year. We are presently digging a truck load of carrots (42 boxes) in 1 to 1:15. Today we were traveling at 6 mph with the unit, presently we are average 5.6 to 5.8 mph. Yield is light as we are early, on the one side of the field we are in presently it is about 20 tons/acre. Price is exceptional, that is why we are harvesting as the yield is low but increasing daily.

I thought I would let you now we are working presently so you may want to come get a couple of video clips taken to show future customers how well the machine works. It may be a good selling feature for other producers.

(Ontario, Canada)
Carrot Harvester

“I am very satisfied; it does what it is supposed to do. I was able to cover up to 20 acres a day, and it easily replaces 8 to 10 workers in the fields. I also saved a lot on herbicides.”

DOWNHAM NURSERY (Ontario, Canada)
Multi-row ECO Weeder (3 row)

“I am very happy with the machine and really satisfied with after-market service. For my first year of operation with the multiple-row, I have cut 24 workers in the field and cut close to half of the herbicide I normally use.”

EISEN FARM (Michigan, USA)
Multi-row ECO Weeder (3 row)
Produce: squash

“I am really satisfied. I save money each time I use this weeder. I have cut big on herbicide and replaced 12 workers. I cultivate 90 acres, so you do the math! What is nice is that it breaks up the crust and airs up the soil, and I do not need to do any manual weeding. I’ve had my money’s worth and more!”

ECO weeder with Tool bar

“It does more than I hoped for. Does wonders on my strawberries, pumpkins and young raspberry plants. It made me cut more than half on the herbicide I usually use, and I have replaced 15 workers in the field by only four workers and a small tractor.”

LEISURE FARM (Ontario, Canada)
ECO weeder with Tool bar

“This is a machine close to maintenance-free. I already had 3 single row units in one of my nursery, and decided to get a multiple row for the other location. Instead of having everybody weeding all day, I go for half a day or sometimes less, so I can get the 10-15 workers that would normally weed, do something more productive in the nursery. It does a great job on shrubs and decorative trees.”

MORI NURSERY (Ontario, Canada)
Multi-row ECO Weeder (3 row)

“I have used it in my red beets since herbicide for this type of crop is no longer allowed in Canada for such crops. It really works! It nearly got 95% of the weeds in the row, and even though I could not go in-between the red beets themselves, I nearly had a weedless field and did not spend a dime on herbicide for 100 acres of red beets field. Just imagine the savings…”

G.N.C. FARM (Quebec, Canada)
Multi-row ECO Weeder (4 row)

“I have been weeding 125 acres of organic soy beans with great success with a two-row unit. The nice thing with the double row is that it is low in maintenance costs and it does two things: it weeds and airs up the soil around the plant.”

GAUDET & RICARD (Quebec, Canada)