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On 1st September 1978 Mr. Paul and Pierre Bisaillon acquire Équipment Universel that becomes Univerco Hydraulique (1978) Inc. At that time, they made sub-soiling draining machines and bull-dozer back plates



At this time, local growers had to import their machinery from France or elsewhere in Europe, but they were not adapted to the soil in Canada. Univerco seized the opportunity to develop a pulled 3-point carrot machine. They also developed some agricultural machinery with the help of Agriculture Canada in order to assist growers in Quebec and Ontario.



Mr Paul Bisaillon became the sole owner of the company.



As we know, Quebec and Ontario produce 80% of the carrots and onions here in Canada. It is only after a persistent demand from their customers that they decide to develop a Univerco Onion Windrower.



In the same sequence of ideas, they design an Onion Harvester which they then market.



In the fall, they decide to go to the Bologna, Italy trade show. At this moment, they want to complete the range of tools to provide to the customer. The precision air planter seemed like a good idea, and Bologna was the perfect place to find this kind of weeder. After several days of searching and several hours of discussion with the presidents of Italian companies, they return to Canada with the right to resell Gaspardo seeders and Falc Rotovators, which Univerco then modifies into bed shapers.



On March 10, Univerco relocates to a larger building. Univerco is moving forward to better serve its customers, all while being more competitive and profitable.



Univerco finds a new machine to manufacture: The ECO Weeder, a one or two-row weeder that passes around and between the harvest rows.



Mr. Bisaillon transfers ownership of the company to his three sons, Mario, Carl and Alain.



High-end equipment can not be manufactured alone. Each year, Univerco invests in research and development. Whether upgrading an existing product, or inventing a new one, Univerco constantly collaborates with local producers in order to test the products in the fields which allows for great customer feedback. Univerco were the first in North America, with the help of Agriculture Canada to develop a Cabbage Harvester for long term storage.



Univerco starts a new Research and Development project – A multi-row weeder .



In addition to participating in numerous trade shows, Univerco is now present everywhere in Canada and exports to the United States, where they hope to double their exports. Europe is also in their thoughts, although they are still at their first discussions for a business deal in association with a European company for imports and exports.



Univerco celebrates its 30th anniversary serving the Canadian and American growers.



After doing research and after many requests from their customers, Univerco decide to visit the company Martin Maq in Spain, a manufacturer of premium products for washing, polishing and sorting vegetables. They establish an agreement to become the official importer for their line of products in Canada, the United States and Mexico.

It is because of their high standard and quality products that Univerco has managed to innovate and excel in order to become the go-to source for all fruit & vegetable harvesting needs.